About the Bank

Non-bank settlement credit institution "Sinergia" is a regional Bank of the Saratov Area. Sinergia Bank, JSC has been found in Saratov in 1994. The Bank offers a full-range of  the Bank operations improving its Clients’ service level constantly.

The most attention of the Bank is paid to its economic stability, reliability and solvency. These are main conditions of the high quality service.

The Bank follows accurately all economic norms set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. 

Main Principles

The background principle of the Sinergia Bank has been and is being its longing to become a Bank comfortable for the Client.

Corporate bodies servicing is the priority direction of the Bank activity. The service conditions and flexibility of the approach are intended for all categories of the companies.

The Consumers of the retail Bank services are different Clients, representatives of the most different social groups.

It’s very important that the Client applied the Bank has a possibility to choose a variant the most appropriate for itself. In any case - whether it’s a money transfer, or the question is a corporate financing – the only purpose is to provide full-range services claimed by the Client. Suitable open hours of the subdivisions, services rates, skilled and friendly personnel are very important herewith.

Development Strategy

  1. Increasing of competitiveness of the Bank on the market of the Bank services;
  2. Introduction of a new ideology of work with the Client, based on a combination of standard technologies with an individual approach to each Client, searching for efficient methods of work with the Clients and increasing quality of their servicing;
  3. Development of the corporative business;
  4. Introduction of a full functional risk management system;
  5. Intensification of the control on performing the requirements of the Federal Law: About resistance to legalization (washing up) incomes got by a criminal way and to financing terrorism;
  6. Expansion of the network of the structure subdivisions and affiliated offices;
  7. Using and introduction of progressive Bank technologies, increasing safety of information systems.

It is necessary to note that the success of Sinergia Bank, JSC is mostly connected with high professional level of the Bank experts and with the trust from its Clients. The trust in the Bank business is a priceless capital, which the Bank cherishes trying to intensify and multiply it.

The Bank Philosophy

Striving for maximal openness, the Bank considers important to promulgate and keep strictly in its activity the following principles of the corporative politics: