Client-Bank System offers the Client the following opportunities:

  • electronic statements of remainders on the Client accounts by telecom channels
  • convenient facilities for formation of electronic payment documents with an opportunity of their editing and printing
  • formal control of a correctness of filling up documents at the stage of their input even before dispatch to the Bank
  • archiving the transmitted / received documents
  • transferring of the prepared payment documents to the Bank from the office of the Client by telecom channels and getting conformation on reception of the transmitted documents

The Client part of the system is easily installed and simple in use. To work with the systemthe Client needs an IBM/PC-compatible computer, modem or the allocated access to the Internet.

If the Client has a permanent access to the Internet on the allocated channel, the exchange between the Client and Bank can occur automatically in the time periods set by the Client.

It is not necessary to worry about safety of your confidential information when effecting financial transactions as the Client-Bank system has a reliable cryptographic protection based on algorithms of the electronic digital signature and enciphering.

Installation and support of the system our experts execute free of charge.

Rates of Sinergia Bank, JSC for Cash Services through the Client-Bank System, valid from September, 10, 2015.

Services of the BankRates
Non-cash transfer of money resources Rub. 19 for each document, payment of services of the enterprises of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on communication and information is the subject to additional compensation
Realizing payments inside the Bank Fee is not raised
Operating the account of the Client Rub. 500 / month
Installation of the Client-Bank program module, Version 4 Rub. 1000
Installation of the Client-Bank program module for control function  Rub. 1000
Reset of the Client-Bank program module, Version 4 Rub. 1000