Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed the Client-Bank on my computer and I wish the other computers in our network will be connected to the program. How can I do it?

Create the general access on reading for the Client-Bank folder on your computer and open access to the chosen users. Create on a desktop of other computers a link to the program found it through your network environment. On other computers you can realize now all operations in the Client-Bank. Please BE CAREFUL while doing this procedure!!! Contact your system administrator to assist you to differentiate correctly the access to this folder.

I have made an inquiry for an extract, but there is no extract appeared. Why?

The inquiry for an extract should be sent in the Bank, processed and only after that the extract will be sent to the computer of the Client. To receive extracts it is necessary, after formation of your inquiry, to execute a communication session with the Bank for sending this inquiry. You need to wait for some minutes while the server of the Bank processing the inquiry, and then to execute a communication session for receiving an extract.

I have the old directory of the Banks. I enter BSC, but the wrong name of the Bank is substituted. What should I do?

At any moment you can load updating of the directory of the Banks from our site. The link for loading is here. We recommend updating the directory not more often as once a week and not less often as once a month. Recommendations for updating you can find here.

There is "a mistake of import of incoming documents" appeared.

Check up if an anti-virus program is installed on your post computer. Using the Norton Antivirus is a widespread reason. While checking the sent and received e-mails this program cannot decipher a transferring package and therefore considers it suspicious and does not pass in the Bank. In this case disconnect checking of out coming mails on viruses or disconnect checking of the mail box of the Client-Bank system.

Payments do not reach the address. The status on documents remains "Sending" (but not "Paid"). The conformation of the accepted package does not come for a long period of time.

The reason can be wrong adjustment of the address of the SMTP server, for example, of the internal server of the organization or of the Internet-provider. Check by your provider the correct SMTP address of the server and specify it in the program adjustments. Or use the post server of the Bank for sending electronic payments.

The program informs about the mistake "The confidential key of the Client is not specified"

More often this mistake occurs at moving the program from one place on another. It is necessary to follow: Service ---> Adjustments ---> Enciphering and to check up ways up to the file with the confidential key of the Client. Check up, that all fields have been filled up.

The program informs about the mistake "The directory of the Clients is empty ".

The given mistake arises at initial installation of the program. It is necessary to come into section Directories ---> Client directories, and to fill up the particulars of your organization and to specify the settlement account.

During the session with the Bank the computer has been reloaded and as a result the program cannot be started.

Try to make re-indexing of the database. It is necessary to come into the section System ---> Re-indexing of the tables. At the negative result contact the programmer of the Bank.


On all technical problems you can call the Program and Software Support Department of the Sinergia Bank by phone (8452) 223-178.