For Corporate Bodies

The Client banking policy of the Sinergia Bank is the major making of the general strategy of its development.

Sinergia Bank, JSC is a full service bank combining advantages of Banks of various directions, capable to offer to its Clients a full-range of the hi-tech financial products.

Activity of the Bank covers a real sector of economics and targeted on creation of the investment oriented ambience for its Clients.

The main principle by developing banking services can be named as an individual approach to each Client, careful studying of its needs in bank services and adopting standard services to its inquiries, and in some cases developing unique financial schemes met its requirements.

At present the Sinergia Bank offers complex schemes of servicing as large companies of different branches and activities, so and enterprises of small and medium business and financial organizations.

Our Clients can take an advantage of such a service as development and realization of individual programs allowing to optimize reciprocal payments with partners, to reduce expenses and to increase returns from the invested money resources.

Any Client of the Bank independent from its status and volume of activity has always the right to count upon a qualified consultation of the employees of Sinergia Bank, JSC on efficient investment of the financial resources, attraction of the borrowed reserves, financial analysis, promotion and current condition of different sectors of the financial market. To the Clients requiring promotion of their business the Bank offers an opportunity to place information on itself at the special stand and also on the web-site of the Bank in a global network of the Internet.