Bullion Coins From Precious Metals

Sinergia Bank sells bullion coins from precious metals

Today bullion coins are a convenient way of investment in precious metals, which is also facilitated by the steady growth of the precious metals prices.

Bullion coins possess the status and technical characteristics of coins from precious metals, transactions with which are not VAT levied. This makes it possible for the coins to circulate at the prices close to the value of the precious metal that they are made from.

For information about the purchase of coins, please, contact customer service department of Sinergia Bank, JSC, at the following address:

Central Office:

27 Rabochaya Street, Saratov. Telephones: +7 8452 223 501, +7 8452 223 500

Pokrovsky Office:

Engels,  3, Stroiteley avenue Telephones: +7 8453  950-091,  7 8453  950-52, +7 8453  953-103

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