Corporate Bodies Crediting

Sinergia Bank, JSC offers the Clients a wide spectrum of credit products for legal persons and individual businessmen.

The purpose of the Bank is to satisfy needs of the Client for a credit independent of scale of its business. We’re aimed to provide an individual approach to each Client depending on particulars of its business and its willing to cooperate actively with the Sinergia Bank.

The borrower can become any steadily operating enterprise, irrespective of a form of its ownership and a kind of activity. The enterprise - a potential borrower - should have a level of credit strength corresponding requirements of the Bank.

The priority at crediting is given to the enterprises, which:

The amount of the credit is defined depending on real, motivated needs of the Client for borrowed funds, its financial circumstances and the offered security, and also on the volume of business of the Client with the Sinergia Bank.

Interest rates depend on:

The Sinergia Bank offers following kinds of crediting:

The SINGLE CREDIT is given for the period stipulated by the Agreement in the form of single transfer of money resources on the Bank account of the Borrower.

The advantages of the single credit:

The CREDIT LINE. The Borrower gets the right to obtain and use the money resources by parts on an as-needed basis during the agreed period.

The advantages of the Credit Line:

The OVERDRAFT represents crediting the settlement account of the Client within the overdraft limits set by the Agreement at insufficiency or absence of money resources on it for realization of running payments. When defining overdraft limits the financial circumstances and turnovers under the settlement account of the Client are considered.

The Overdraft advantages:

Detailed information on us and our crediting services can be received in the Crediting Department by phone 223-107

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