Deposit-Safe Boxes

The Sinergia Bank offers in lease individual deposit-safe boxes for storage of documents, securities, jewels, works of art and other things having value for an individual or legal person.

If you worry for safety of your values in your absence, when you leave for holiday and need a reliable storing space of cashes, foreign currencies, jewels, securities and documents, including the information on various carriers (CD, audio- and video-recordings, etc.), you can lease a safe -deposit box in our bank. At lease of a safe box you obtain guarantee of safety and confidentiality of its content.

Sinergia Bank, JSC offers individual deposit-safe boxes of four types differing in sizes and costs:

Type / Sizes of the safe (mm.) (H*W*L)

Sizes of the internal space (mm.) (H*W*L)

Rate in Rub./month (incl. VAT).

  H*W*L H*W*L Цена
А 155*240*350 140*200*265 200
B 205*240*350 200*200*265 250
C 455*240*350 445*200*265 300
D 205*495*350 195*455*265 300


The individual safe-deposit box is offered to individuals and legal persons on conditions of the Confidential Agreement.

The leaser has the right to allow using the safe box to its authorized representatives.

The saferoom is opened every day, except days off and holidays, from 09:00 to 17:00(Break from 13:00 to 14:00).

For detailed information you can contact the Clients Service Department by the address of Sinergia Bank, JSC: 27, Rabochaya Str., Saratov or by phones (8452) 223-501, 223-500.