Operation with Bills

If your company wishes higher liquidity in comparison with the deposit at similar profitability, Bills of the Sinergia Bank is the optimum decision for your business.

Conditions of issuing the Bills of the Sinergia Bank give unique opportunities on management of monetary flows of your company:

  1. Profitability under the bill is similar to profitability of the deposit, but thus the bill possesses greater liquidity and can be used as a mean of exchange with counterparts of the company, including international payments.
  2. The bill, unlike the deposit, can be used as a mortgage at loan.
  3. To purchase the bill you do not need to open a settlement account in the Bank.
  4. You can easily transfer the chose in possession under the bill to any third person – it is enough to make only corresponding sign on the underside of the bill (endorsement).

The Sinergia Bank carries out the following operation with bills:

RATES of the Bank under the Bills
The minimal amount of allocation – Rub. 300 000 (US $ / EURO 100 000)

Amount, period, annual interest rate Amount
Amount 31 days 91 days 181 days 272 days 365 days %
US dollars from 100000 0,1% 0,2% 0,5% - - at the end of term
EURO from 100000 0,1% 0,2% 0,5% - - at the end of term
RF rubles from 300000 – 10000000 2% 3% 4% 5% 6,5% at the end of term
RF rubles above 10 mln 3% 4% 5% 6% 6,5% at the end of term

Also the Sinergia Bank fulfils registration operations of bills of foreign emitters.

Withdrawal of cash money resources under the bill 2 % from the amount
Carrying out of registration operations 1% from the amount

Additional information and necessary consultations you can receive from the experts of the Client Servicing Department by phone (8452) 223-501

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