Unallocated Bullion Account

Bank Sinergia provides very comfortable way to invest in precious metals (gold) - unallocated bullion account

Unallocated bullion account - this is an account where specific bars are not set aside and the customer has a general entitlement to the metal. It is the most convenient, cheapest and most commonly used method of holding metal. Unallocated accout specifies the amount of the precious metal that belongs to the client in grams, omitting the individual characteristics of such a metal (number of bars, standard, manufacturer, serial number, etc.). Other words speaking precious metal is not held in storage and on account of the client physically. 
Unallocated bullion account provides opportunity to get profit on gold price changing. Buying and selling trades will be done on Bank Sinergia rates that are published on www.sinergy.ru site and are based on spot rates on commodity exchanges that set daily.

Advantages of unallocated account:

Rates of the Bank on Unallocated bullion account here

For more information about unallocated bullion accounts, please, contact customer service department of Sinergia Bank, JSC, at the following addresses: 

27 Rabochaya Street, Saratov, or by telephone: +7 8452 223 501, +7 8452 223 500.
3 Stroiteley avenue, Engels or by telephone: (8453) 950-091, 950-520

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